i have to much to do the next two days and im freaking out like!!!! wtf!!!!! ok


  • spanish quiz over “i have a dream” but like in spanish and its an essay
  • english homework
  • study for chem just in case i have a quiz
  • Philosophy

Next day:

  • 2 alg 2 tests
  • WHAP s/t

mostly im worried about spanish and Alg 2 u know (especially alg 2) and i have to use the entire afternoon to work on this shit but i dont want to im so tired and still a lil sick kil l me

i need to be….. healthy and hydrated and hot and skinny. (im writing this while eating a donut). I think i’d be happier with myself and my life is i was healthy and hot. sidenote: stretchmarks are the enemy and i need to start using mederma twice daily and drinking a lot of water!!!!!